New BarriAir protects against uncontrolled air leakage

New Protect BarriAir is a high performance and multi purpose coated nonwoven membrane which forms a highly effective air leakage barrier with vapour control properties.

Launched this month the new, translucent yellow membrane has been designed specifically with integrated lap / sealing tapes and has a grid printed across the whole surface which promotes simple alignment with timber studs or joists. This layout also ensures that the membrane is jointed and sealed by applying the two layers of integrated adhesive to one another, providing a more effective seal than a traditional overlap tape even when joined without an underlaying substrate.

Jenny Deacon Product Manager for Protect says:

“With the increasing need for sustainable buildings and the many codes in place which aim to reduce carbon emissions the importance of ensuring a high level of airtightness has never been so great. New Protect BarriAir can be used on walls and ceilings to significantly reduce air leakage in any construction helping to meet Building Regulations and Standards. The integrated sealing tapes makes installation easy and accurate. An additional benefit is that any mechanical fixings applied through the double layered strips will have reduced air leakage as the adhesive acts as a sealant”.

Protect BarriAir is available from roofing and building merchants nationwide or for more details of our products visit our website