Need to save energy? Then talk to Grundfos

Grundfos: With increasing pressure on both the public and private sectors to attain cost savings – there has never been as much focus on delivering sustainable energy savings.

As a global pump manufacturer at Grundfos we know that although pumps may be hidden away in plant rooms, they are big energy consumers as they currently account for 10% of global electricity.

The good news is that we also know that most pumps are incorrectly sized for their current application which means that changing pumps for more energy efficient models can be a quick win for you.

So speak to a company that can deliver a wide range of high efficiency pumps and advanced motor technology that can reduce the average pump’s energy consumption by up to 60% – a company like Grundfos Pumps.

As the largest pump manufacturer in the world Grundfos are experts in calculating the current efficient levels of your pumps and can then deliver a bespoke range of solutions that will benefit any organisation. We even offer our customers a Pump eXchange scheme that ensures your business will get the full re-cycling value of any pumps you chose to replace.

So regardless of the application or business model, talk to us about how we can help to support your business and deliver real, tangible energy savings…… year after year, after year……