NCC secures order for refurbishment of housing units in Denmark

NCC is to carry out the extensive refurbishment of 493 town houses in Albertslund in Denmark on behalf of Albertslund Boligselskab.  The order is worth SEK 610 million and will thus be NCC’s largest refurbishment project to date.

Many detached houses and housing cooperatives were built in Albertslund during the construction boom in Denmark in the 1960s. However, the designs, materials and construction methods used have led to high heating costs and problems with the indoor climate, and the housing units are now somewhat dilapidated. For this reason, NCC will begin the refurbishment of the 493 H-shaped town houses in southern Albertslund, to the west of Copenhagen.

Klaus Kaee, Business Area Manager for NCC Construction Denmark, says:

“We are pleased that we have secured this agreement, which involves extensive refurbishment work. We will re-pour the concrete floors in all houses, construct new interior walls, build new bathrooms and kitchens, lay new flooring and re-install piping and plumbing.”

As part of the refurbishment process, the energy efficiency of the houses will be optimized to modern-day standards, thus enhancing the standard for the entire residential area.

Hidden challenges may materialize during a refurbishment that could impact the schedule. Accordingly, it is NCC’s highest priority to ensure a well-functioning work process based on close cooperation between all partners in the project.

Brian Hasfeldt, Project Director at NCC Construction Denmark, says:

“We know from experience that we achieve the best results when we work actively to ensure close cooperation between all partners in the project. Although the refurbishment will not commence until the spring, work will soon begin on establishing targets and success criteria for all parties involved in the project. Such activity will involve holding workshops with all parties, including experts, construction companies and advisors.”

The residents will be rehoused during the process, which will commence in May 2016 and is scheduled to be completed in September 2019.

The order will be registered in the fourth quarter of 2015 in the NCC Construction Denmark business area.