Nationwide June HPI – “Market has a slow puncture” – Jonathan Samuels, Octane Capital

Commenting on the Nationwide June HPI, Jonathan Samuels, CEO of property lender Octane Capital, said:

“The property market is usually buoyant in June but political events have taken the pressure out of it like a slow puncture.

“If it weren’t for rock-bottom mortgage rates, the strength of the jobs market and low supply, the market would likely be showing negative growth.

“It’s a patchwork market at present. London and the South East remain under the cosh while many other regions of the country are delivering relatively strong growth.

“The South East corner of the UK continues to pay for its exuberant price growth of yesteryear.

“There is a stark difference between the attitudes of professional investors and owner-occupiers.

“Professional investors are piling into property with an alacrity not seen for years, while owner occupiers are walking on eggshells in comparison.”