National Federation of Builders looks forward to welcoming incoming national chair Neil Walters

Neil Walters, will take over from Clare Watson and become national chair of the National Federation of Builders (NFB) on the afternoon of Thursday 14 June at the NFB’s annual general meeting (AGM).

The NFB’s AGM will see the outgoing NFB chair, Clare Watson, director of Preston-based construction company Bernard Watson, hand the ceremonial chains of office over to Neil and mark the beginning of his twelve-month term.

Neil Walters, incoming chair said:

“I can trace my roots back to what was known as the Young Builders Group of the Building Employers Confederation – forerunner to the NFB – way back in 1988, when back in those days it was a great way to socialise and meet with likeminded builders within each region, some of who remain friends 40 years later.

“It is a great pleasure and honour to be taking over from Clare and the legacy she leaves behind. During my tenure as chair, I intend to build on the tradition of the NFB as a voice for common sense, a federation that is not frightened to challenge Government to make changes to safeguard SMEs and our industry from poor payment practices and retention policies that starve our industry of vital cash flow.

“Recent coverage of the construction industry has not all been positive and we need to restore faith that we are reputable and trustworthy. Being an NFB member sets companies out as professionals with the appropriate skills and probity. We still face challenges around skills, diversity, and sustainability in the industry.

“I am looking forward to becoming the national chair and ensuring that the NFB is at the centre of efforts to overcome these challenges and that its members are seen as a sign of competence in the coming year. I am very clear on what motivated me to take on the role and on what I want to achieve in this upcoming position.”

Following the inauguration, construction industry professionals and guests will gather at the Botanical Gardens, for an evening of dinner, entertainment, and networking to be hosted by Neil Walters at the beautiful Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

The National Federation of Builders would like to thank the sponsors of the AGM and Gala Dinner:

Birmingham Association, CITB, Croner, Crosby Associates, CSCS, Gallagher, Gilmore Building Supplies and Think Recruitment.