Multi-generational living? Don’t forget the toilet

One issue not generally discussed when talking about multi-generational households is the bathroom – access to, and use of.

It’s a growing problem for the households. But it provides potential increase in sales for all involved in the business of bathrooms – architects, builders, plumbers, and retailers.

There has been a 46 per cent rise in multi-generational households in less than a decade. It is set to continue: some 60 per cent of people would consider living in a multi-generational household. Set alongside that the fact that, on average, we go to the toilet eight times a day. Multiply that by each resident, and you have a very busy room! But each generation has different needs- children may be young, and not very adept at wiping properly; the senior citizens may equally struggle with wiping, for different reasons – general flexibility, manual dexterity, balance to name a few – but are reticent to ask family to help.

The solution is Closomat’s range of wash/dry (shower) WCs. Looking like – and capable of being used as – a conventional WC, the Closomat has integrated douching and drying – the best performance in each on the market. Thus, if preferred, the user does not have to wipe manually. The toilet cleans them instead, to a consistent high standard, every time.

Each of Closomat’s range has bespoke benefits depending on the household’s needs.

The core Palma Vita – Britain’s biggest selling floor-standing wash dry toilet – is the only one that can be accessorised initially or retrospectively to accommodate changing needs.

The Lima Lifter features height adjustability. This each user can electrically adjust the WC to their optimum height to get on and off; it even means that if an older person struggles to bend knees, the WC can be raised for them to sit on, get off, and lowered so their feet remain in contact with the floor while they ‘go’.

The latest evolution, the Asana features wall-hung contemporary styling, a range of douche options for optimum wellness, and an integrated ambient light which makes it easy to locate in the dark/at night.

Full details of the Closomat range of wash/dry toilets can be found at, alongside a raft of useful information to help choose the most appropriate WC.