Morgan Sindall Welcomes Go Construct

A new online portal supported by a PR and marketing campaign will be launched to help bridge the construction skills challenge. The whole industry is being encouraged to sign up to support the Go Construct Campaign.

Go Construct has been designed in conjunction with partners from across the industry. Its aim is to tackle the root causes of the recruitment issues facing the construction industry and help to attract more than 220,000 people who are needed over the next five years.

Go Construct’s new online ‘one stop shop’ will educate people about what careers in the industry are really like, match their skills and interests to career paths and allow them to hear first hand from those who have built successful careers in construction. A major advertising and PR campaign to tackle the misleading stereotypes about the industry, which can put people off construction careers, will support the launch of the web portal.

Facilitated by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), the Go Construct Campaign is funded out of the construction levy in order to benefit the whole construction industry.

Top British designer, Wayne Hemingway, whose company HemingwayDesigns has worked on a number of construction projects including housing developments such as Hillington Square, King’s Lynn and Staiths South Bank, will front the campaign. Go Construct will also be working with around 9,000 considerate contractors sites across the country.

As well as the campaign adverts and site hoarding templates, a set of materials has been created including activity plans, myth busters, key facts and videos, to support teachers, career advisors and employers and to help enthuse people about the opportunities to build a career in the industry.

Steve Hindley CBE DL, Chairman of Midas Group Ltd welcomed Go Construct, he said:

“Too often in the past, as an industry each of our sector silos have been in competition with each other for the talent we need. With the launch of Go Construct the whole industry will be speaking with one voice to attract the best and brightest talent to choose a career in construction instead of another sector.

“If we are to bridge the skills gaps we face and find the 224,000 additional people we need we must pull together and get behind Go Construct.”