More process improvements from the BBA

Feedback from clients is vitally important to the BBA to help improve the processes it uses to assess construction products and installers. This type of information is collected in a variety of ways from face to face meetings with customers to telephone and online surveys. All this data is then collated to analyse re-occurring themes and solutions are sought to improve our customers’ experience.

A case in point is the recent introduction of editable draft certificate PDFs which are sent for client review. Before, this process could be time consuming for clients to mark up by hand or itemise a list of changes via e-mail.

This new system allows ‘comments’ or ‘notes’ to be added to the PDF directly on screen which can then be saved and e-mailed immediately back to the BBA. This saves both client and the BBA a considerable amount of time which speeds up the final checking process.

Clients are already noticing that this improvement is leading to certificates being issued more quickly and the BBA will continue to analyse customer feedback to further refine its processes.

Clients wishing to send in any feedback to the BBA should contact Alison Paskell apaskell(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)