Modern residential development protected with Siderise

Curtain wall facade systems are a popular choice for modern high-rise residential buildings and ensuring their fire safety is critical.

Curtain walling allows for a lot of natural building movement. However, this deflection can cause issues when it comes to installing firestops between the slab edge and the facade, as they will need to be able to accommodate movement for the lifetime of the building or they may fail in a fire. This can be resolved with products specifically designed and tested to meet this need.

Let’s look at a real-life example.

Renaker’s iconic Deansgate Square development in Manchester offers 1,508 luxury apartments across four striking high-rise towers, each clad with a fully glazed unitised curtain walling system in a geometric pattern. To meet the passive fire protection requirements for the project, cladding contractors Focchi specified the Siderise CW-FS Curtain Wall Fire Stop System, containing perimeter barriers and firestops specifically designed and tested for curtain wall applications. Made from a compressed lamella insulation which has been subject to rigorous age testing to 60 years, the Siderise CW-FS 120 Fire Stops installed throughout the development helped to seal the gap between the external curtain walling system and the floor slab whilst maintaining continuity of fire resistance.

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