Major housebuilders pledge to increase supply

The Home Builders Federation (HBF), has published a ‘statement of intent’ on behalf of its larger members outlining their ambition to deliver further increases in housing supply.

In the statement housebuilders commit to work closely with Government to increase supply and deliver its target of building one million homes in this parliament. The HBF said this builds on “significant steps forward that have seen build rates on large sites double to help deliver 30 per cent growth in supply in just two years.”

The HBF said it has been in discussions with the Government for several months on how to increase output. It said the Government was “continuing to respond to barriers to housing growth,” including reforms in the Housing and Planning Bill. The industry, meanwhile, has pledged to continue to grow its businesses, invest more in training and provide more transparency around build-out rates. The HBF will also develop a ‘land exchange’ aimed at allowing larger builders to sell sites or parts of sites to smaller builders.

The UK’s biggest builders have increased output by around 60 per cent since their ‘troughs’ and claim that by 2019 larger companies will be building double what they did in 2010.

Executive Chairman of the HBF, Stewart Baseley commented:

“The industry has responded to the positive policies introduced by Government and has delivered huge increases in output. All indicators show the significant progress being made and last year we delivered more than 180,000 new homes in England. Moving forward the industry is committed to going further, and provided the political, economic and policy conditions are conducive, to deliver further increases in supply.”

He continued:

“Housebuilders taken on tens of thousands of new workers to ensure there is the capacity and skills to deliver more high quality homes. Working with Government and others, we want to ensure that the investment environment remains attractive and that the right measures are in place to support the delivery of the homes the country needs.”

The Housing and Planning Minister, Brandon Lewis welcomed the commitment of the housebuilders to increase housing supply saying:

“This statement shows housebuilders are committed to continuing the growth in supply we have seen. and confirms we can achieve our ambition of delivering 1 million homes.

“I welcome developers’ plans to share with councils how quickly they will get homes built on sites. I’ll continue working with HBF and housebuilders and look forward to seeing the results of their review of larger sites.”

The HBF said it will continue discussions with Government to identify further ways of increasing delivery from existing and new sites, particularly for small builders, and address blockages in the planning process.