London to Athens with Freeflow!

Freefoam Building Products, a leading manufacturer of PVC building products for the Irish, UK and Mainland European markets has just released figures to show that if all the guttering sold in 2014 was laid end to end it would reach from London to Athens!

These figures highlight that an increasing number of construction professionals are realising the benefits of the Freeflow brand. For many fitters a rainwater system is out of sight so out of mind – until it goes wrong and many will assume that rainwater systems are a commodity with one brand being very much like another. That can be a costly mistake.

Freefoam’s rainwater range, Freeflow, offers clever solutions to common issues giving fitters considerable benefits with the added choice both PVC and Cast Iron effect finishes. Co-extruded gutter with a white interior to minimise heat absorption and reduce expansion, highly visible red advanced long-life compressible seals which create flexible water-tight joints, and gutters and downpipes covered with protective film to survive transit and storage. All features that make Freeflow the ultimate fit and forget product that can be relied on to perform year after year.

The Freeflow rainwater system is available in a range of four colours, black, white, brown and caramel and a variety of systems including round, square, deep and ogee.

A Cast Iron effect system in both round and deep was added last year giving specifiers and property developers the choice of a low maintenance long lasting PVC system with the charm and appeal of authentic cast iron features.

Colin St John, UK General Manager, summarised “The Freeflow range is an integral part of our product offering, and seeing these figures is a clear indication of the number of construction professionals who are choosing to benefit from the features that Freeflow offers. Adding the cast iron range last year has opened up further opportunities for our customers and underlines our commitment to develop products that look good and perform well”