Lathams launch fire retardant plywood

James Latham, is now offering LuminFirePro – a new fire retardant plywood Euro Class B – s1,d0 – through all nine of its nationwide panel depots.

LuminFirePro panels are pressure impregnated with a humidity resistant, high temperature fire retardant chemical formulation based on Osmose FirePRO technology which is then air or kiln dried after treatment to ensure these properties are maintained.

This process creates a product which enhances safety in applications where fire protection is the first priority by offering improved flame spread reduction to Euro Class B – s1,d0 as well as decreased smoke development.

The panels have been tested to BS EN 13501 – 1 -:2007 + A1:2009 fire classification of construction products and building elements achieving class B – s1,d0as well as being certified for structural use according to EN 13986 under CE2+ system to guarantee full compliance with the Construction Product Regulation. Plus, products treated with Osmose FirePRO have been approved by London Underground for use in construction and maintenance projects.

LuminFirePro panels are ideally suited for applications such as interiors for public buildings, boat and yacht building, the automotive industry and exhibition stands. They can also be used in above and below ground applications where building regulations allow the use of reaction to fire timber products such as roof systems, cladding, sheathing and joists.

Andrew Wright, Director of James Latham commented:

“LuminFirePro panels have been tested to prove that they significantly reduce the spread of fire and smoke, achieving full compliance with the Construction Product Regulation. Being available ‘off the shelf’ ex-stock, nationwide, I can see them quickly becoming the material of choice for specifications which not only require a plywood which is robust and durable, but one that also offers improved fire protection.”

LuminFirePro reaction to fire plywood is available in the following panel sizes 2440x1220mm and in thicknesses of 12mm- 15mm 18mm. Other sizes and thickness are available on demand.