Introducing ROCKWOOL FirePro SP FireStop EN

The latest addition to the FirePro® Range, SP FireStop EN, has launched.

FirePro SP FireStop EN is a linear cavity fire stopping product which increases the scope of application available from ROCKWOOL, offering up to 120 minutes integrity and insulation*. Discover SP FireStop EN

SP FireStop EN 60 (75mm) and SP FireStop EN 120 (90mm) feature:

  • 120 minutes integrity and insulation in cavities up to 600mm*
  • High emissivity black foil facing
  • Tested against latest BS EN 1366-4:2021 standards
  • Tested specifically for use with Steel Frame Systems and composite panels
  • Tested against an ‘installation from below’ scenario

SP FireStop EN Solutions

SP FireStop EN forms a complete solution with complementary ROCKWOOL products for common constructions:

Steel Frame Systems: SP FireStop EN horizontally fixed to SFS systems with brick outer leaf, alongside NyRock Rainscreen 032 or Rainscreen Duo Slab.

Composite Panels: SP FireStop EN horizontally fixed to floor with composite panel outer leaf, alongside an approved composite panel.

Masonry: SP FireStop EN horizontally fixed to floor slabs, including fixing to the underside in an ‘installation from below’ scenario’, with a masonry outer leaf.

SP FireStop EN is now available. For product information, specification support and installation guidance, please visit our website. SP FireStop EN

*Subject to the application