Introducing ROCKWOOL Fire Barrier EN

Introducing ROCKWOOL Fire Barrier EN – a new solution designed to help specifiers, contractors and fire protection specialists inhibit the spread of fire and smoke through concealed spaces of a building.

In replacing Fire Barrier, Fire Barrier EN will provide a more streamlined EN-tested product range while building and expanding upon the performance and scope of application offered by ROCKWOOL.

Features and Benefits

  • Tested to BS EN 1364-1:2015
  • Single 50mm thickness
  • Single or double-sided black foil facing
  • Up to 2 hours fire resistance – integrity and insulation*
    *Subject to the application and fixing method.

Fire Barrier EN has been tested in a range of applications, including below concrete soffits, within timber joist constructions, heads of walls, and with a timber fire door set. Penetrations accounted for within testing are steel and copper pipes, plastic pipes, timber beams and cable trays.

Specify Fire Barrier EN
Existing Fire Barrier Systems will be phased out through a 6-month period, reaching formal discontinuation on 15th November 2024. Although specifications written prior to the expiration of Fire Barrier certification will remain valid, ROCKWOOL recommends swapping specifications to Fire Barrier EN wherever possible.

Start specifying Fire Barrier EN today, and access all product information and guidance via the ROCKWOOL website.

Fire Barrier EN