Industry is “crying out for talent”

Speaking at the Future Talent Conference in Nottingham Deputy chairman of the Home Builders Federation (HBF), Peter Andrew said that the housebuilding industry was “crying out for talent” and that new entrants to the sector should be open minded about the careers they pursue.

He said that the housebuilding sector had changed immensely since he joined it, when it was considered “second rate” compared with other areas of construction. However he concluded that “it is much more professional, and drives the economy.”

Addressing the impact of Brexit on housebuilding so far, Andrew said that away from the south east, the referendum result had “registered little.”

However, over the next few years, he said that sentiment “would be key” and he added that the Help to Buy equity loan scheme would keep the bottom end of the market ‘strong’ for the foreseeable future.

Also speaking at the conference, HBF director of external affairs John Slaughter talked about the aim of the new Home Building Skills Partnership. He said there was a “good story to tell” about the industry’s image, but that housebuilding “has to do more to attract more talent.”