How to choose the right scaffolding for your building project

Scaffolding is used within construction, in order to support workers who are repairing, maintaining or erecting a new building. There are many different materials and types of scaffolding available, each with their own characteristics and suitability for a particular job type.

The scaffolding you decide to invest in can impact the project in many ways. If you choose the wrong type, it can cause project delays, affect the budget or, worst of all, impact on worker safety.

Here, we discuss the different scaffolding options available on the market today, helping you come to an informed decision on which is the most suitable for your building project.

Mobile scaffolding

Mobile scaffolding is an excellent choice for painters, carpenters, or those who need to move from one place to another. This type of scaffolding is manufactured from pre-formed framing components, with wheels affixed, which makes it easy to move around with just a push or a pull.

Due to its portability, it can be utilised within projects where light maintenance is required across several areas, or where a standard scaffold would need to cover a far too great a distance than that which would be practical.

Additionally, workers have a place to keep their materials and tools, which can increase the rate at which the workers can complete the project, as everything is within easy reach.

Steel scaffolding

Steel scaffolding has a relatively similar structure to single pole scaffolding but is made from different materials. Steel scaffolding consists of steel tubing instead of bamboo or timber, and steel couples rather than rope lashing. If you opt for this type of scaffolding, you need to use a base plate to support the standards into the surface.

Steel scaffolding is a popular choice for individuals who are working on a project which involves height, such as commercial buildings and apartments. This is because the material is exceptionally durable, making it safer for workers. Moreover, the scaffolding is resistant to fire and remains robust in unpleasant weather conditions, like intense wind and rain.

Steel scaffolding can also be dismantled easily, making it more time-efficient and cheaper.

Kwikstage scaffolding

Kwikstage scaffolding is designed for easy installation and dismantling, which allows workers to spend more time on the project, as opposed to erecting and disassembling the structures.

This scaffolding is extremely straightforward, which means that even if you are a semi-skilled worker, you can safely assemble it without complications or additional assistance. Usually, people who use kwikstage are construction workers, roofers, bricklayers, carpenters and painters.

Birdcage scaffolds

Larger buildings, such as halls, churches and museums, which require interior works often make use birdcage scaffolding to undergo renovation. These are square-shaped, wide and stable, allowing workers to move about freely.

Other than construction, birdcage scaffolding is often utilised within stage performances, such as an outdoor event or music festival. The extended podium makes it easier for workers to create professional ceiling pipes, structural support and emergency frameworks at their venue.

Single pole scaffolding

Single pole scaffolding – one of the most simplistic scaffolding types – is typically made from bamboo or timber. This type of scaffolding is joined parallel to a wall and mounted into the ground. If you are working with taller premises, braces can be used to boost the stability of the building’s structure.

This type of scaffolding can, however, dry out in certain weather or get damaged easily, as it cannot tolerate heavy loads.

Stairway scaffold tower

A stairway scaffold tower can provide workers with access to different levels of the building under construction. Comparable to a ladder, a stairway scaffold tower can be easily assembled and has safety handrails and toe boards, a working platform and an adjustable lock to keep it in place, making it as safe and secure as possible.

This scaffold type is typically used within industrial construction sites and is ideal for painters, decorators, maintenance and repairs.

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