Homebuilders maintain customer satisfaction levels

The results of the Home Builders Federation’s (HBF) ninth Customer Satisfaction Survey, conducted in collaboration with the NHBC, has revealed that the housing industry is maintaining customer satisfaction at a level that matches or exceeds those in almost any other industry or sector.

The survey provides the opportunity for the housing industry to prove its commitment to customer service and product satisfaction while providing new build home purchasers confidence in the property they are buying.

The independently verified survey of 32,137 new homebuyers in this year’s survey revealed that:

  • 84 per cent of purchasers were very or fairly satisfied with the service they received during the buying process
  • 85 per cent were satisfied with the condition of their home when they moved in
  • 82 per cent regarded their homebuilder as very or fairly satisfactory with regards to completing the home on time
  • 82 per cent were also satisfied with the standard of finish of their home
  • 93 per cent of buyers were satisfied with the internal design of their new home
  • 88 per cent were satisfied with the design externally

This year’s results confirm the significant pro-gress made in recent years by the homebuilding industry when delivering exemplary levels of customer service. Explaining the importance of the survey results, HBF Executive Chairman Stewart Baseley, said:

“These results clearly demonstrate that consumers are overwhelmingly happy with the service house builders are delivering.”

Baseley’s comments were supported by NHBC Chief Executive Mike Quinton who confirmed:

“The people who really matter – those who buy new homes as opposed to industry commentators – are giving us a clear thumbs up. Driving up customer satisfaction takes commitment from people at every level in an organisation. The steady increase in satisfaction levels over the past decade is a credit to our industry and all its employees.”

You can download the full results of the survey from the HBF website.