Hillhead Play Park equipment provided by Jupiter Play

Hillhead Housing Association 2000 is a community housing association located in the Hillhead area of Kirkintilloch which grew out of a bid for New Housing Partnership funding submitted by East Dunbartonshire Council to the Scottish Executive in December 1998. Grant Murray Architects worked with the housing association in the design of the play space.

The Project
Objective: Provide equipment to create a bespoke play area and sculpture produced in collaboration with local school children, which will form the hub of the new neighbourhood.
Project value: £55,000

Jupiter Play equipment was specified by Grant Murray Architects for Hillhead Housing Assosiation to create a new play park which would complement the new housing regeneration. The project was fuelled by the redevelopment of the surrounding housing area. The play area was created to support the new development and help build a sense of community in the area.

The bespoke play area was designed in consultation with local school children. The project recognised the importance of involving children in the process to ensure that the area would meet their needs and wants to become the hub of the new neighbourhood.

Design and features
Robinia timber was chosen for the majority of the equipment to fit the natural and fresh feel of the new build houses. Robinia was also the best material choice due to it’s robust qualities and low maintenance. The area was designed using a variety of play equipment pieces from our FHS range. Two play units were used to facilitate the use of equipment for various age groups. The smaller of the two, the toddler multi play unit includes a slide and small robinia tower. The second unit, the bespoke junior multi play includes a unique twisted ladder to a tower and slide.

The large pendulum swing is an impressive feature which includes a basket swing. This is a popular area within the park and enables children of all abilities to play together. The park had to be designed to be suitable for all children to use. The pendulum swing was chosen for it’s great accessibility for wheelchair users (it’s the perfect height) and accessibility for children with physical mobility challenges. The Moonwalker was also included to increase the level of inclusion within the park. This enables more children to have access to better equipment. The Moonwalker has great sensory and movement benefits to encourage children of all abilities to visit the area.

The site also features two areas of stepping posts. These are particularly good value to a play space as they have great play value for children to improve balance but also act as a good seating area for the full family! Other benches were placed around the park to accommodate families and create a more formal resting place. As the park sits within a housing area, lights have been included to facilitate family needs and safety in winter months when children might want to play out after school lights make this possible for a little while longer.