HBF and Virgin Media announce partnership

The Home Builders Federation (HBF) has joined forces with Virgin Media to deliver ultrafast broadband to new homes across the UK. As part of the partnership HBF members will be able to build homes with the infrastructure in place to provide 200 Mbps broadband, as well as more than 230 TV channels and customer landline services.

Virgin Media has also launched a new portal for housebuilders, which includes important technical guidance and a new site request form. The company will undertake all initial new site assessments free of charge as part of the agreement. It will also provide housebuilders with all the necessary equipment to connect homes to the Virgin network, offering a rebate scheme to cover any costs.

Announcing the partnership, HBF executive chairman Stewart Baseley explained:

“With connectivity now vital to the way we live our lives, being able to equip today’s modern, high quality housing with 21st century connectivity is a key consideration for builders.”

Virgin Media’s chief operating officer, Paul Buttery, added:

“By partnering with Virgin Media, developers can build 21st century homes, equipped with the most modern broadband infrastructure delivering the fastest specs. With our network growing at a faster pace than ever, the more demand we get from developers, the more we can do to support them.”