HBA housebuilders back new measures to boost brownfield development

The House Builders Association (HBA), a division of the NFB, welcomed the measures announced today by Chancellor George Osborne to boost the use of former industrial brownfield sites across the country for new housing.

The promotion of Local Development Orders by local authorities, along with 20 new Growth Zones within London and 10 outside London, will boost the number of new homes by an estimated 200,000 by 2020, helping to resolve the current shortfall of new homes.

The focus on funding for brownfield remediation across the country will support the viability of previously hard to develop sites. Crucially, the initiatives will help ease the pressure to develop highly valued greenfield land, preventing unnecessary environmental damage.

James Hulme, strategic policy adviser for the HBA said:

“It is very positive to see the Treasury supporting new brownfield development and it is my hope that this will help unlock sites for small and medium-sized house builders. Local authorities must now ensure that they work with local communities and businesses to get much needed development off the ground.”

The HBA was today encouraging its members to seek out opportunities for developing local brownfield sites unlocked by these measures and hoped that further details would include safeguards that allow the participation of smaller developers alongside major firms.

Ref: 62266