Grundfos Hydro GTI sits in the driving seat

Grundfos have just introduced a family of variable and fixed speed booster sets, suitable for a range of commercial and industrial applications – the Grundfos GTI range.

This introduction has come about due to the demand for improved pressure boosting systems which have continued to drive the demand for increasingly sophisticated engineered solutions.

Grundfos have continued to invest in extending the technology behind their packaged pump systems with their new range of Grundfos Hydro GTI booster sets that have been specifically designed to meet the demand for variable (Hydro GTI E) and fixed speed (Hydro GTI S) 1- and 2-pump booster sets (with integrated tanks).

Suitable for a wide variety of applications these Hydro GTI pump booster sets have been designed to meet many boosting demands including: offices, schools, hotels, smaller apartment complexes, restaurants/leisure facilities, residential homes, potable water, wash-down systems and irrigation systems.

These sets are also suitable for Category 5 applications (as defined by Water Regulations Backflow Prevention) and are suitable for use in both new and retrofit applications, so they are perfect to give you just the boost you need.