Glidevale offers ‘one size fits all’, universal in-line® tile ventilator

The Universal In-Line® Flat Interlocking Tile Ventilator is one of four core vents in Glidevale’s compact universal range of tile vents. It is designed to seamlessly fit with profiles that include Marley Modern, Redland Mini Stonewold, Sandtoft Calderdale and Russell Grampian amongst many others, thereby simplifying the selection process for housebuilders.

With a sleek and unobtrusive finish and available in six UV-stable colours as standard – grey, terracotta, brown, red, red streak and blue/black, the vents are almost indiscernible once installed and complement the overall aesthetics of the roof.

This ‘one size fits all’ solution offers superior wind uplift resistance and has been carefully designed with concealed baffles to catch any wind driven rain. With a guaranteed ventilation area of 10,000mm² it can be used to meet BS 5250 ventilation requirements for a variety of roof types and, when installed as part of the normal tiling process, it offers a quick and simple solution to achieving quality. This versatile ventilator can also be adapted into a soil ventilation pipe or mechanical extraction terminal by means of a Glidevale pipe adapter and flexi-pipe.

Other Glidevale roof ventilator options include the maximum airflow
‘G-Range’ cowl range, offering 20,000mm² free airflow including a universal option, the Versa-Tile G5 ventilator terminal.

As a specialist building products and ventilation solutions provider Glidevale’s tile ventilator range has been collated for over 35 years and includes over 450 choices of tile or slate profile, matching almost any tile or slate available on the market. In addition to this Glidevale can create vents for tiles which are no longer made by tile manufacturers, making them suitable for new build and retrofit schemes.

For more information about Glidevale’s tile and slate ventilator range, please contact the Technical department on 0161 905 5700, email technical(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign), or visit