Glidevale ground gas solution with Protect GDB10 Plus

Providing a continuous, impermeable protective barrier against ground gases including methane, radon, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons, Protect GDB10 Plus membrane is suitable for Amber 1 and 2 applications as defined by NHBC. The product is compliant with BS 8485:2015 and has also been independently assessed and certified by BM TRADA.

As required by BS 8485, both the membrane and the joint integrity have been tested for methane resistance. Furthermore, Protect GDB10 Plus is one of the only products on the market that has been independently methane permeability tested to BS ISO 15105-1 for joints. This provides peace of mind to contractors and housebuilders that the product will create a fully sealed system.

Using the membrane on site has clear benefits including high tensile strength which means there will be no damage to the membrane when being installed. In addition, the membrane is not supplied folded, therefore will not have creases when laid out. This ensures the concrete can be poured easily and effectively on site.

The company supplies a range of purpose designed, pre-formed accessories to maintain protection at wall cavities, corners, and services to remove the need to form difficult shapes on site. A range of underfloor and cavity wall ventilation accessories removes gases and moisture vapour where required, enabling regulatory requirements for ventilation to be met. 150mm wide gas jointing tape is needed to seal the overlaps, providing a simpler fixing solution to save time on site.

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