Glass Act for High Rise Refurbishment Project

The first tower block to be built in Paisley, West Scotland, has undergone partial refurbishment, using ultra lightweight external cladding from Chromatics Glass Ltd.

George Court was built in 1959 and has been one of the most popular high rise blocks managed by Renfrewshire Council.  The 15-storey, 40 metre high building, comprising 56 flats is a brick-based structure that underwent major refurbishment in the late 1990s, when external balconies were incorporated into interior space, external cladding was applied, new windows installed and a low-pitched roof added.

An examination of the structure identified an issue affecting the curtain walling running the full height of the building at each of the four corners where there are open vents into each living room with spandrel panels below. It was decided to replace the existing aluminium panels using Chromatics Safety Glass. Concrete Repair Ltd was the Main Contractor for the refurbishment of the project.

Not a toughened glass, Chromatics Safety Glass is a unique safety glass that achieves exceptional performance. Its extraordinary resilience is as a result of bonding together, at a molecular level, glass, a colour layer and metal, transforming them into a laminate that is both light weight and shatterproof, as well as being visually stunning and having a completely smooth surface. An unrivalled depth of colour is achieved with 100% opacity, no pin-holes and no risk of show through or colour variation often inherent with ceramic coatings. At George Court a graphite grey colour scheme was selected. Because the colour is encapsulated between the layers of the laminated product, it is UV stable for at least 25 years and will neither fade nor discolour.

Replacing one cladding system with another can have implications in terms of load bearing but one of the principal advantages of Chromatics Safety Glass is its lightweight quality. The 6mm thick panels specified for the George Court contract weigh just 15.32kg per square metre, making them easier to handle, transport and install, thereby offering huge savings on installation costs. By using Chromatics Safety Glass, the weight of the cladding it replaces will be reduced by more than half. The contract also involves replacing existing Styrofoam insulation with a non-combustible Rockwool product.

Chromatics Safety Glass is highly versatile allowing architects and designers complete creative freedom to bring style and resilience to a host of applications. Available in the full range of RAL colours for use either externally as rainscreen, architectural cladding, curtain walling, or signage, as well as a range of internal uses that include feature walls, counter tops, balustrading and partitioning. It is also possible to replicate any traditional finishes, for example natural stone, wood, terracotta, porcelain, marble, ceramic, brick and metal surfaces.

Chromatics Safety Glass has been awarded an A2-s1-d0 fire rating.

For further information, please contact the Chromatics Safety Glass Head Office on 01904 439187 or visit