Get the heads up on intimate care developments

In any domestic property- social or private housing- the bathroom is the one room whose use, accessibility has more impact on someone’s dignity. In today’s society, it is also the one room that is most frequently adapted to accommodate occupant needs.

Innovations at brand-leading Closomat are enabling housebuilders and housing providers to take advantage of a uniquely ‘fit and forget’ solution, that offers optimum flexibility for lifetime accessibility and support- stylishly.

Closomat’s top-selling range of wash & dry toilets offer floor- and wall-mounted options in WC provision that obviates the need, potentially, for care support in intimate cleansing, and delivers enhanced hygiene. Contemporary lines ensure the fixtures compliment any modern décor, instead of giving an institutional ‘feel’.

Similarly, the company’s range of bathroom accessories- including hoists, washbasins and shower seats- bring a sophisticated ambience to a functional room that addresses even the most severe disability needs

Uniquely, Closomat engineers its core wash & dry toilet offering in-house, at its dedicated UK factories, with each unit being hand finished to individual specification. Also uniquely, Closomat has British-based sales and technical support and its own, nationwide, dedicated team of engineers to install, commission, service & maintain.

Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager explains:

“Using the bathroom is one of the biggest problems faced by 20 per cent of the population-disabled people and their families. Latest figures show that now, bathrooms are the most common form of home adaptation,”

“No other supplier in accessible toileting can offer the depth of innovation and support we offer as standard.

“It means anyone involved in designing, building, or adapting, accommodation can specify our toilets, knowing the bathroom at least is efficiently ‘future-proofed’ and supported, stylishly, whatever the occupant’s needs may be, now or at any time in the future.”

Reinforcing the product and service innovations, Closomat’s website- – is comprehensively populated with appropriate specification material, including white papers, CAD blocks, technical drawing and NBS specifications.