Geberit launches new affordable shower toilet

Geberit has unveiled the AquaClean Alba, an elegant yet affordable shower toilet designed to bring the company’s renowned hygiene and comfort features to a broader range of users so they too can experience washing with water. Here Sophie Weston, head of marketing at Geberit, shares its most important benefits.

Function meets design

The AquaClean Alba combines Geberit’s sophisticated product design with a streamlined feature set focused on essential functionalities for the ultimate hygiene experience. At its core is patented WhirlSpray technology, which delivers a gentle yet effective cleansing experience. Complementing this is the quiet TurboFlush 2.0 system alongside and ergonomic, rimless ceramic design that ensures optimum cleaning of the pan, easy cleaning and uncompromising hygiene for the user.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the AquaClean Alba offers heated water for a comfortable cleansing experience and an automatic descaling program for hassle-free maintenance. It also includes a remote control with wall bracket and integration with the Geberit Home app, allowing users to adjust the shower water temperature and spray arm position from their smartphone.

Simple installation

Installation and maintenance are equally straightforward. The AquaClean Alba is compatible with all Geberit installation systems, Monolith modules, and AquaClean design panels, enabling seamless integration into any bathroom setup. Its removable design cover provides easy access to the descaling agent fill and spray nozzle, while the LED indicator on the remote control and app alerts users when descaling is needed.

With the addition of the AquaClean Alba to the Geberit portfolio, premium Geberit design and market-leading functionality is even more accessible for every project, regardless of budget.

The sustainable option

Sustainability has also been a key consideration in the Geberit AquaClean Alba’s design. It is produced using a single-cast ceramic process without a separate trap cast, saving materials and energy. Additionally, the optimised packaging contains only essentials in one box, together with an installation aid, minimising volume and waste.