Garador’s innovative Durabelt now available on Garaglide garage doors

Garador’s innovative Durabelt anti-scratch system is now available with Garador’s popular GaraGlide roller garage doors.

This Garador Durabelt is an exciting new development in modern garage roller doors, designed specifically to reduce marks and scratches on the surface of the curtain.

The system is built around a special belt made from microcellular polyurethane elastomer which provides a strong protective layer between each lath of the garage door as it rolls up on opening. Full testing by Garador’s specialised engineering team have confirmed that when garage doors are fitted with this additional protective layer, scratches and marks are substantially reduced, prolonging both the performance and look of the roller door.

In addition, the belt offers high abrasion resistance and is also resistant to moisture, oil and grease, helping to ensure a smooth operation and even more long lasting protection for the door curtain.

Jon Watson, managing director of Garador, says: “Over the years Garador has been at the forefront of many new developments in garage doors. The new Durabelt system is a significant technical development offering real benefit to our popular roller garage doors and we are delighted we are now able to offer this on our specialised GaraGlide doors.”

Garador’s GaraGlide roller garage door is already a top seller, designed not just for looks and performance but also for its quick and easy fit. Available in a pre-assembled box cover system, it has pre-drilled guide rails and as few as 12 fixings all round. Fitting neatly into just two double-wall cardboard boxes, it is also easy to transport to site.

GaraGlide comes in a large choice of colours including timber effect finishes, and can be fully automated.

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