Garador’s extra secure and highly insulated garage doors

The way forward for modern homes

Home security remains a high priority for homeowners throughout Britain and having extra security in place, from high security window and door locks to electronic surveillance, is a growing trend. But one area that is often neglected is the garage.

Garador’s Premium Sectional Doors offer a number of outstanding design features:


A garage door can be the first port of call for a burglar as it helps them gain access into the main house, but increasingly burglars also target garages for what they can find inside. With modern DIY and gardening equipment, home gyms, and now some being used as home offices, garages can provide valuable takings for a modern burglar.

Britain’s leading garage door manufacturer, Garador, recognise the importance of high-security garage doors and recently introduced Secured by Design (SBD) accreditation to their fully insulated sectional garage door range. The Secured by Design badge is a clear indication that the product has a much higher level of security and has undergone rigorous testing to withstand an attack from a burglar.

For full SBD accreditation, these doors also need to be fitted with a GaraMatic automatic operator. These operators transmit using 128-bit encryption that is used by many banks today for their online banking security, so no one can copy your signal but importantly, the system also has a mechanical locking mechanism built into the operator boom. This stops potential burglars from forcibly lifting the garage door and gaining access to the garage.


While security is today a vital element, Garador haven’t forgotten insulation, another aspect that is essential in a modern home. Garador’s exceptional premium sectional garage doors have been specifically designed to offer a high level of thermal insulation. Each section of the door is 42mm thick and filled with PU foam. Additional features also include rubber seals on all four sides, to ensure weather and drafts are kept outside. This thermally insulated design is ideal for keeping the garage warm and dry, especially when it is adjoining the main house when it can help to lower your heating bills.


As with any major feature in a home, design is also key and Garador have ensured that while these garage doors offer outstanding security and insulation, they also excel in other facets to suit modern properties. A very minimalist modern appearance is perfectly suited to contemporary architecture characterised by individuality, but it is also practical with door sections that lift vertically and run on tracks back into the garage meaning there is no “kick-out” from the door and parking right up close is possible.

Garador’s range of Premium Sectional Doors are the way forward for any modern home.

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