Garador offers new generation side hinged doors

Britain’s leading garage door manufacturer, Garador, has introduced a new sophisticated side-hinged garage door design that lifts this easy garage entrance style right into the future.

These new precision engineered side-hinged garage doors are a long way from your typical barn door style entrance solutions, and feature a number of exciting new design ideas to enhance the usability and performance of the doors.

Security is always key, and these doors have been designed with hidden hinges which mean they are less prone to attack by burglars. These also add to the overall modern styling. Security has further been enhanced by upgrading the 2-point locking system which means the door can quickly and easily be secured thanks to two shoot-bolt latches which engage at both the top and bottom of the fixed leaf.

Other new features include door stays, which prevent the doors from blowing shut in windy conditions, and weatherproof rubber seals built into the door frame plus an aluminium threshold at the foot of the door, all designed to ensure the British weather is kept outside.

These new side-hinged garage doors have been created for busy people who may want quick and easy access into their garage. They have been designed to open and close quickly and easily and, with a smart looking lever handle, can be operated even when your hands are full. Gas pistons have been incorporated to act as dampeners, ensuring a smooth and cushioned movement as the door is open or shut.

Overall, these excellent modern side-hinged garage doors have been engineered to provide homeowners with a longer-lasting product and a better overall experience.

There is a large range of models to choose from to ensure the material and colours fully enhance the rest of the property.

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