Garador adds exciting graphics to sectional garage doors

A new look is coming to British streets thanks to the launch of Garador’s Duragrain. Garador’s Duragrain incorporates exciting new developments in graphical print and finish technologies which replicate realistic natural stone, real wood and metal finishes onto the steel surface of its sectional garage doors.

This offers a real breakthrough alternative to the traditional paint and timber effect finishes currently available on the market.

Garador has launched the new Duragrain concept into its Premium Linear Large sectional door styles and the new technology offers a choice of 24 astonishingly realistic looks and finishes on the steel doors. These include five natural stone decors; 18 authentic treated timber decors and a metal decor.

Duragrain has also been engineered for durability. The finishes are UV resistant and fully colourfast and the final special protective coating ensures additional resilience against day to day knocks and continual bad weather conditions.

Garador’s Premium Linear Large door styles, with their wide vertically lifting slats, already offer a number of advantages including no loss of driveway space in front of the garage and full opening width which is perfect for modern wider vehicles such as 4x4s and MPVs. The range also offer excellent insulation, with 42mm thick PU-foam insulation, especially important if the garage is used for storage, or as a workshop or gym.

Garador’s Marketing Manager Paul Eddleston says:

“These doors are a major new development for Garador and are a big step forward in garage door design. Incorporating all the proven advantages of a top steel door, the new Duragrain will give customers a much wider choice of styles and designs to enhance every type of home.”

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