From easy installation to interior design transformations – reasons why LVT is for you

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) are beginning to grow in popularity in the expanding flooring industry as the tiles are soon becoming peoples’ top choice for their home. There are many benefits to choosing LVT, not only for those who are installing it but also for those who will be using it.

As the benefits are two-fold, people are beginning to admire the realism it offers alike hardwood flooring. Click here to take a look at some excellent LTV flooring styles, and keep reading for four reasons why it might be for you.

Easy to Install

LVT flooring is soon becoming the top choice for homeowners due to its durability. Not only this, but there are benefits for home developers and builders too. LVT is easy to install with a click and lock process meaning that the job can be done quicker. This is not only beneficial for those who install it as they can work quicker and tick more jobs off their list, but also for those who need a quick fix in their home.

LVT is also much easier to work with than hardwood, whether this is solid or engineered. The fact that these tiles also leave a realistic finish mean that there is not much to be done after installation – win!

Plenty of Choice

If a buyer is planning to stick to a budget, LVT flooring is a great alternative to other types of flooring. The extent of choice in colour schemes, textures and finishes means that those who are looking for something different do not fall short on choice.

This type of flooring is also excellent for those who like to change their interior more frequently, as flooring is often one of the key pieces of décor at the top of the list. Flooring helps bring the whole interior design together and with LVT being cheap and versatile, consumers can cater to their taste.

Durable and Versatile

Another benefit of LVT is that it is great for kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms with higher moisture levels. This is useful as often other types of flooring can split and warp when exposed to moisture, whether this is with water damage or general spillages.

LVT also provides a better grip when wet, making it safer for the whole family. The buyer can therefore trust LVT to last a long time and even enjoy the value gained on their home with their purchase of the tiles.

Compatible with Underfloor Heating

Not only is LVT cheaper and durable, but it is also compatible with underfloor heating. This allows buyers to choose a cheaper type of flooring if they want to opt-in for a heating system.

This also favours developers by providing them with the opportunity to market their products in such a way that will allow them to work with external companies and get a better deal for the buyer. Another advantage is that the tiles also leave a cushioned finish which is the cherry on the cake.

With excellent benefits and a cheaper option, do you think LVT is for you?