FMB urges council housebuilding ‘renaissance’ in wake of Brexit

Calls for a ‘national renaissance’ in council housebuilding should be heeded in the wake of current economic uncertainty, according to the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).

Responding to the Local Government Association’s call for a new council housebuilding initiative, Brian Berry, the FMB chief executive, urged the government to take action and support a development programme for new council homes.

Berry said:

“We urge the Government to allow local government the freedom and support its needs to once again take a leading role in building new homes.

With uncertainty beginning to weigh on the private sector, as evidenced by the negative construction statistics released earlier this week, support for a significant upscaling in social house building would send out a strong, reassuring message. Prevention is better than the cure and we believe that a commitment by the Government to crank up its programme of council house building would serve to ease any jitters in the building industry and the wider economy.”

The LGA said on Tuesday (6 July 2016) that ‘bold new action’ was needed to tackle the housing shortage in the wake of UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

Cllr Peter Box, LGA Housing spokesman, said:

“A renaissance in house building by councils must be at the heart of this bold new action. The private sector clearly plays a crucial role but it cannot build the homes we need on its own, and will likely be further restricted by uncertainties in the months and years ahead. We want to build the right homes in the right places(…) We must be freed to make this change happen.”