Five reasons to invest in boiler cover

Boiler insurance is gaining traction – and popularity – among homeowners in recent years. The reason behind this growth in popularity is the increasingly appealing boiler cover plans from companies like Certi. While it may not have made much sense to pay for boiler cover a few years ago, the plans available today are far more affordable.

Affordability is not the only reason why boiler insurance is becoming more appealing to homeowners. Investing in your own boiler cover can actually bring a long list of benefits to the table. We are going to take a look at the top five of those benefits in this article.

Comprehensive Coverage
The boiler cover itself is meant to cover boiler repairs. When your boiler stops working all of a sudden or if you face bigger issues like clogged pipes and broken radiators, the boiler cover will kick in and send professionals to deal with the problems.

A comprehensive boiler cover plan is a huge plus if you don’t want to worry about maintaining and repairing your boiler and the central heating system. It covers everything from the boiler itself to the pipes and radiators around the house.

On top of that, you also get additional coverage for boiler maintenance. Rather than paying for inspections and regular maintenance yourself, you can now rely on the boiler cover to absorb the costs for you.

It Appeals to Customers
Another reason why boiler cover can be valuable is its value in the eyes of customers. If you pay attention to the rental properties in the market, you will notice a growing number of them including boiler cover as standard or an added value.

When homeowners enjoy the comprehensive cover of boiler insurance, their likelihood of renewing the boiler cover increases by a substantial margin. We end up with more homeowners using boiler cover for convenience.

Boiler cover is also great for when you want to rent a property. Instead of worrying about boiler breakdowns when you let out a property, pay for boiler cover and have peace of mind that annoying problems are dealt with fast.

More Coverage Types
As mentioned before, boiler cover protects you from costs associated with boiler repairs and boiler maintenance. Today’s plans, however, offer so much more than these coverage types. If you look at the plans from Certi as our example, you know you can protect your home with one of these options.

The plans offer additional coverage types and protect you against home emergencies in general. There is coverage for plumbing and drains, electrical system, central heating, and even security and pest depending on the plan you go for.

To make it even better, the best boiler insurance plans come with a 24-hour call centre for home emergencies. You also get unlimited claims, meaning you can use the insurance cover as many times as needed without worrying about spending your own money along the way.

It’s Affordable
We touched on the fact that many boiler insurance plans are now very affordable at the beginning of this article, but we never discussed just how affordable they can be. Very is the answer. You can get boiler cover – complete with professional services – for less than £5 a month.

In the old days, people didn’t really pay for boiler cover because the monthly fee was too expensive. We may only have one repair job a year, but that repair normally costs £250 to £300 depending on the extent of the damage.

Spending less than £5 a month and getting the maximum protection is well worth it. in fact, you save a lot on repairs, can benefit from regular maintenance, and have access to emergency help at all times for such a small monthly fee.

Qualified Professionals
One last advantage that really captures the attention of homeowners is how companies like Certi only use experts and engineers to handle repairs and maintenance tasks. When you use a comprehensive plan that also covers other home emergencies, you basically have access to a large team of professionals ready to help you at any time.

At the end of the day, that is the biggest advantage of using boiler cover. Yes, your boiler will be maintained properly, and you no longer have to worry about burst pipes or damaged radiators ruining other parts of your house, but you also get so much more from the boiler cover. You have wiring experts and plumbers maintaining your house too.

The industry is shifting, and the market is livelier than ever, which means the demand for boiler cover can only go higher. A growing market could mean lower premiums and better services in the future, both of which are highly beneficial to homeowners. If you haven’t used it already, now is the perfect time to give boiler insurance a second look.