Fitting a garage door on a home by the sea

In a build, there is an aspect of garage doors that many people ignore….salt related corrosion. With over three million people living on the coast of the UK, and millions more affected by incoming sea breezes, vigorous weather conditions can cause rapid deterioration in many of the materials used in housebuilding.

A modern garage, with its metal components and moving parts, presents a large face to incoming weather and can be especially vulnerable. Britain’s leading garage door manufacturer Garador offers a perfect solution in the form of its high specification roller garage doors.

These great looking doors are based around carefully designed rust resistant aluminium laths. Unlike products constructed from steel or timber, the laths used in GaraRoll garage doors are fully resistant to the corrosion caused by salt laden moisture in the air. In addition, the laths are finished with a especially durable paint coating to ensure whatever the colour or finish you choose, the door will have high durability.

GaraRoll roller garage doors also incorporate a number of additional high-tech specifications. The electrically operated doors are the only spring balanced roller doors with a pressure sensitive ‘force limitation’ system built in, ensuring total safety when opening or closing the door; reinforced by its twin cable and tri-spring system.

Garador’s Managing Director Simon Hipgrave comments:

“Our GaraRoll roller doors are well-engineered and are a great choice for homes near the coast. These garages also offer a number of additional advantages, including maximising useable space both on the driveway and also inside the garage.”

Garador’s GaraRoll comes in a wide range of colours and finishes, including full timber effect and Deco Paint to enhance both modern and traditional style properties. GaraRoll roller doors are manufactured up.