Finding the balance with Black Millwork

Black Millwork has supplied its own range of fenestration, as well as Andersen windows and doors to an ambitious renovation project in Hampshire.

The amazing Cape Cod style house will benefit from a beautiful outlook and impressive performance standards.

Ever since purchasing the property in October 2013, the owners of Rivercroft have been working on turning their property into an amazing Cape Cod style home. Over the course of two years they’ve achieved their two main ambitions, to expand the property and improve its thermal performance.

Situated in an elevated position, overlooking Lymington Harbour, the owners decided the Cape Cod style would be the most apt home design. Whilst the location allows for incredible views it comes with its own set of issues. The combination of the home’s elevated position and its close proximity to the sea makes it prone to salt-air attack. This is in turn effects the pH scale of building materials leading to corrosion over time.

Therefore it was essential the specified windows protected against this phenomena. That’s one of the reasons the owners chose Andersen 400 Series Woodwright Sliding Sash Windows and Andersen 400 Series Frenchwood Door sets.  Andersen products with Stormwatch® protection have reinvented coastal windows and doors with exterior composite materials that withstand corrosive coastal conditions while providing classic architectural styles.

Being close to the coast also makes the home vulnerable to bouts of unpredictable weather. Traditionally Cape Cod homes were designed to withstand extreme conditions and Rivercroft is no different. The owners placed a great emphasis on using building materials that combined aesthetics with high-performance.

Speaking on the project, homeowner Bernadette Van Den Brule commented:

“We were really drawn to this American Cape Cod style home as our property overlooks the harbour. However, we needed to get the balance right, finding products that served us aesthetically and in terms of performance. At first I worried we may have to compromise on some of our design goals but after finding Black Millwork’s range of windows and doors it became obvious we wouldn’t have to.”

The most recent advances in timber technology ensure Black Millwork’s windows and doors exceed even the most stringent performance standards. At Rivercroft, Black Millwork’s Timber Aluminium Clad Composite Bi-Fold Door sets and a Timber Feature Entrance Door was also installed. These products use engineered timber, vacuum impregnated preservatives and high quality full factory finishes protecting against heat loss.

Some figures estimate that as much as 25 per cent of a home’s heat loss is through its windows and doors, so choosing efficient units are essential to the long-term performance of a home. What’s more, given the home’s size it was far more economical to specify high-quality materials for the building’s fabric than to invest in a recovery heating solution, which can be expensive.

Bernadette concluded:

“We are so happy with the finished result. With Black Millwork’s help we’re now able to enjoy all the benefits of our scenic location in a comfortable and well-lit home.”

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