Entrance module provides safety and low maintenance

Frontrunner Plus Low Profile, manufactured in the UK by Plastic Extruders Ltd, is providing a safe, attractive and efficient solution at the entrances of two of the PUBLIC chain stores in Athens, Greece.

This electrical, music and book retailer want to keep the stores interiors as clean as possible by removing dirt, dust and water from customers’ shoes before they entered. Having considered various options, Greek flooring specialist Art George Beredimas recommended large modules of Frontrunner Plus Low Profile with ramped edges. This very effective and safe solution is providing many benefits, such as reducing maintenance costs and helping to keep interiors clean and attractive.

With height of only 10mm, Frontrunner Plus Low Profile is ideal for applications where there is no recessed matwell and where the risk of tripping at the entrance must be reduced. Manufactured with integral absorbent inserts within a heel-proof vinyl grid, the unique matting scrapes, cleans and dries shoes stopping dirt from being transferred inside. It is available in 85 different colour combinations and in both 10m roll and individual module format with optional ramped edges. It can be easily trimmed on site to fit any shape, such as within revolving doors and in irregular shaped areas.

Frontrunner Plus, including the low profile version, is part of the Frontrunner Entrance Flooring System which includes several mats suitable for different interior and exterior installations. External options include Frontrunner XT with an aggressive diamond cut surface for increased slip resistance and Frontrunner Brush with nylon brush inserts to combat severe soiling.

More information and samples are available from Plastic Extruders on tel: 01268 571116 or from www.frontrunnerplus.com.