Ensuring airtightness in buildings

Achieving airtightness in buildings has become a key objective for the construction industry. There are many benefits to airtight buildings such as reduced heat loss, savings on energy, improved comfort for occupants, and protection of the building fabric.

This can be achieved by sealing a structure to reduce infiltration and leakages (uncontrolled ventilation). Through careful planning at the design and construction phases, buildings can achieve high levels of airtightness.

To help meet demands, MEDITE SMARTPLY offers two environmentally conscious airtight products: SMARTPLY PROPASSIV and SMARTPLY SURE STEP.

SMARTPLY PROPASSIV is a structural OSB/3 panel with integrated air barrier and vapour control properties, which can be used in walls and ceilings. The panel is airtight and is designed for use as internal structural sheathing on the warm side of the insulation in timber frame construction systems. This innovative panel is certified as an airtight component by the Passive House Institute.

SMARTPLY SURE STEP is an airtight, tongue and groove OSB/3 panel with a high-performance and durable coating, which can be used for flooring and roofing. Using SURE STEP as an airtight layer for flooring or decking can contribute to sustainable building practices as well as reduce the energy consumption for heating. Its unique coating also brings improved durability during the construction phase and slip resistance to the panel in all site conditions. SURE STEP is certified airtight by the Passive House Institute.

Used together, the panels form an airtight, opaque envelope in buildings, which forms a fundamental part of the design of airtight structures.

Learn more about the SMARTPLY range: https://mdfosb.com/en/smartply-osb.