Electrorad takes electric radiators to new heights

In addition to updating and expanding its Vanguard range of aluminium electric radiators,

Electrorad has launched a new state-of-the-art Vanguard Eco-smart range that is one of the first to have voice control compatibility with the market-leading Amazon Alexa. Both ranges are fully compliant with Lot 20 legislation that took effect 1st January 2018.

Vanguard and Vanguard Eco-smart offer a wide choice of outputs in 750w, 1200w, 1500w and 2000, and being fully Lot 20 compliant, they feature a number of energy saving controls. These include Virtual Open Window Sensors – to ensure that radiators stop heating when they sense a draft and restart when the window has been closed – and Adaptive Start Control that helps radiators learn when to switch on in order to achieve optimum household comfort. Going beyond Lot 20 compliance, all models also boast an in-built energy monitor.

The new Vanguard Eco-smart range goes one step further; enabling homeowners to ‘voice control’ their heating. In addition to wireless control via a control hub and App, these models feature a Geo-Location option that automatically reacts based on the homeowners proximity to or from the home. This new range is by far one of the smartest in the marketplace.

All Vanguard Eco-smart models can be controlled from anywhere in the world, and unlike other equivalents, they feature an inbuilt RF chip with a signal that can ‘hop’ up to five times to increase the range and help reach remotely-sited radiators.

Commenting on these latest developments, Richard Brown, Managing Director at Electrorad, said:

“By installing radiators such as Vanguard that drive efficiency through intelligent and adaptive controls, contractors and developers will not only be on the right side of the new compliance regulations, they will be able to give homeowners a better quality product, and one that will help save even more on energy bills.”

He adds:

“For those homeowners who wish to enjoy the very latest in remote control technology, our new Vanguard Eco-smart range offers the ultimate in control and intelligence.”

Both ranges are guaranteed to be 100 per cent leak-free thanks to their ceramic core, and not only do they provide rapid warmth, they are also extremely lightweight. With nine pre-set programmes and additional user settable options to suit a variety of lifestyles and preferences, all models also incorporate Triac thermostats to ensure even greater accuracy of control of the room temperature and silent operation. These sleek, contemporary radiators also offer controllable warmth and are 100 per cent energy efficient.

Vanguard and Vanguard Eco-smart are available through all electrical wholesalers. For further information visit www.electrorad.co.uk or call 0113 274 6799.