Digital tools offer record of passive fire protection measures

Digital inspection and product traceability tools enable developers to verify and evidence the quality of passive fire protection installations, ensuring safer properties in the long term.

Elements such as cavity barriers and firestops play a crucial role in the long-term safety of a building and its occupants. It is therefore vital to ensure the measures have not only been specified and fitted correctly, but that information about what they are, how they perform, and where they have been used must be preserved for the property’s lifetime.

BSI Identify has been created to provide a straightforward solution to product traceability. Dedicated QR codes are added to products — such as Siderise RH and RV Cavity Barriers — which are linked to BSI UPINs (unique persistent identification numbers). These numbers are applied to every construction product within the BSI Identify database. When scanned, this will take the user to the exact product data, attributable to the day it was manufactured. This ensures that anyone can easily find all the correct product information relating to specification, testing, installation, and maintenance — including historic performance credentials, safety data and more. It also has “real time” value providing information that will assist in on site production identification and application, such as installation videos or standard details.

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It is then the responsibility of the installer to follow and evidence best practices, usually verified by inspections. Whilst some projects may need or prefer an in-person inspection, the Siderise Inspection App can allow for this extra layer of assurance without the added time and hassle of arranging an in-person visit from its site services. It allows installers to capture images as each element is installed and provide data using their smartphone or tablet. The app turns this into a comprehensive report which can be reviewed by the Siderise Technical Team to ensure the installation meets recommendations. Additionally, the report provides a valuable visual record of hidden elements of a construction once the build is complete. This can be handed over to you, allowing you to demonstrate the passive fire safety of your building and make informed decisions on how any future refurbishment or extension projects should be approached.

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