Digi-Line electric radiators – the smart choice for energy management

Cutting-edge energy management features available on the Digi-Line range of electric radiators from Electrorad serve to cement its position as a number one choice with contractors, installers and plumbers. Features that include unique independent double panel control, in-built energy monitoring (on the TouchE3 option), and virtual open window sensors, make Digi-Line the efficient and easy-to-control alternative to traditional central heating. It is also an ideal replacement for outdated storage heaters and panel heaters.

Unlike competitor models that only feature a single panel, Digi-Line radiators are available with two heating panels, meaning considerably more heat power can be produced. Also, the two heat panels can operate separately from each other to ensure the most efficient use of energy and maximum comfort.

With the smart double panel control active, and when the room is within 1°C of the desired temperature, only the front panel will operate, and with a smaller element than the rear panel, less energy is used. With the front panel only operating, more radiant heat will be produced making the occupant feel warm and cosy, and as the back panel is cooler, it will act as an insulator and prevent heat loss when a radiator is on an outside wall.

In the event that the room becomes more than 1°C cooler than the set point, the more powerful back panel will activate to bring the room back to the required temperature quickly. Both panels are also constructed in zinc galvanised steel and powder coated to ensure a high quality, extremely long lasting and robust finish, and they come complete with convection fins to ensure the perfect balance of radiant and convected heat.

All Digi-Line radiators also incorporate virtual open window sensors that will automatically respond accordingly should a window be opened. The radiator will sense a draft and stop  heating until the window has been closed; thereby stopping the wastage of heat through the window, saving energy and money.

Also key to its energy management capabilities is an energy monitor that is in-built into Digi-Line’s wi-fi hub (TouchE3) to enable wireless control and direct management of home heating from anywhere in the world. The energy monitor provides home-owners with data on the usage of energy in kWh per radiator and per system, and this can be obtained on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis if required.

Commenting on Digi-Line’s advanced energy management features, Managing Director, Richard Brown, said:

“Digi-Line has always been renowned for providing a unique and energy efficient electric heating solution, but in terms of energy management, Digi-Line sets itself apart.”

Richard adds

“Whether home-owners are looking to replace or install electric radiators for the first time, energy management is often one of their top priorities as they seek to improve overall heating efficiency and reduce running costs. We are confident that Digi-Line’s superior design and functionality will fully meet their needs.”