Designing a home with a year-round garden

Gardens have to feel good as well as look good. When designing a garden, it is important to take this into account and consider all the ways to make it perfect throughout the seasons. There are a few things you can do when designing your home and garden to make it suitable for all weather.

Landscaping sets the tone

Landscaping sets the tone and is the foundation for your year-round garden. It is also one of the first things to consider when you’re designing your garden, therefore it is important that you think ahead and make landscaping decisions in anticipation for the end result. Paving is key, the way it is laid and its colour can change the entire vibe. For example, if you are looking to have an English country feel, then you may want to choose a golden stone and arrange it in a mismatched pattern. You may also choose to co ordinate your flowers with your chosen paving colour, golden stones tend to go best with pastel colours such as pink, lavender and pale yellow. Make sure that the paving is stable and suitable for all weathers. Stones such as granite or outdoor tile may become slick in the winter or on rainy days and could cause a fall.

Consider the shape of the lawn, it doesn’t always have to be rectangular. You can work with the existing shape of the garden or choose a shape that best suits the layout of your existing plot of land and how you want to arrange the other areas of your garden such as the flowers, seating and paving. If the garden space is relatively small, the boundaries may be more obvious, so it’s important to make sure you are happy with your choice of fencing design and colour. It is also important to keep it comfortable, make sure there is plenty of room to move around the garden freely. Walkways should be wide enough for two people comfortably and furniture should be placed with plenty of space to walk around it. You don’t want to overcrowd your garden.



Don’t hold back when it comes to the flowerbeds, you want to keep your garden full and colourful. A metre or more in depth is a perfect border. You want to look to place the smaller plants and the front and keep the taller at the back to keep the symmetry. When you start choosing plants and arranging your garden, it is best to start with structural plants such as bushes and place these where you want and then infill them with pretty flowers. By doing this you will be able to get a feel for how the garden is going to look so that you can decide where you want the colour to be. One thing to remember for a year-round garden is to plant a variety of evergreens and seasonal flowers so that your garden can be colourful all year.


Consider every season

If you are keen to be able to enjoy the garden all year round, you may want to invest in a space which is suitable for every season such as insulated garden buildings from GBC group. Having an indoor space in your garden means you can enjoy the feeling of escaping to the garden no matter the weather. It can act as casual seating or even a garden office. You should also look to create a comfort zone, whether this be inside a garden building or outside. Add some comfortable seating, with some cushions and blankets to create a space you can enjoy year round. If you choose to have seating outside, why not invest in some patio heaters to keep it cosy all year?

Lighting is also important all year round if you are looking to sit in your garden on an evening or just as a security measure. You can add solar lights which come on in an evening, or even dot some fairy lights around in the bushes and trees to create a magical atmosphere that will look good in any season.