Demonstrating value in the supply chain with Achilles

The Siderise Insulation division—which manufacturers our passive fire protection products­— are now a proud member of the Achilles BuildingConfidence Community which brings together 2,000 qualified suppliers, making their product information easily accessible to major construction businesses across Western Europe.

Achilles is an online supplier information and procurement management tool that seeks to connect buyers and suppliers across a range of key sectors. Its BuildingConfidence Community, set up in 2007, seeks to drive productivity and value across the construction supply chain whilst also holding suppliers to the highest product information standards, providing certification to Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) and the Common Assessment Standard (CAS).

The platform also offers potential buyers with clear visibility on supplier capabilities, developments and their compliance to industry-relevant protocols, backed by comprehensive reporting and verification.

Speaking on the new membership, Michael Croxford, our National Business Development Manager, confirmed:“Becoming part of the Achilles BuildingConfidence Community is not only another example of our commitment to ‘integrity in all we do’, but also the group’s existence demonstrates that this is what the industry wants. Designers, specifiers, procurement officers want to have access to clear, validated information about the suppliers they work with and the products they choose. We hope that by joining such a community, together we can continue to push for better construction product information and a safer, more productive industry.”