Dedicated MMC Hub launched for UK housebuilders

A new on-line resource centre has been launched by NHBC to keep the housebuilding industry informed of the latest developments in relation to modern methods of construction (MMC).

The website lists current building systems that NHBC has accepted as meeting the NHBC Standards.  It also has an online application facility for manufacturers to submit their MMC systems and sub-assemblies for an assessment to determine whether they satisfy the requirements of NHBC Technical Standards, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

The site also provides free access to MMC research from the NHBC Foundation and other industry organisations, alongside in-focus sections on various types of building systems including panelised and volumetric.

NHBC Standards Manager Paul Cribbens said:

“For decades NHBC has supported the industry in engaging with and deploying innovative forms of construction.

“Because our approach to acceptance of MMC / Off-site construction is rigorous it provides confidence to all involved that if a home benefits from an NHBC warranty then the system has been thoroughly assessed.

“We hope that the new Hub will act as the leading resource for manufacturers wanting to apply for a review, with details of the building systems currently accepted together with the very latest research.”

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