The secret to the perfect gravel driveway

All the finest properties are defined by the first impression they make on prospective buyers. Those first impressions, the property’s kerb appeal, can also make all the difference to its market value, adding an estimated 5-10%.

Part of that kerb appeal will be the approach to the property and gravel driveways have long been associated with historic and prestigious homes. A gravel driveway complements practically every style of house, from traditional, heritage properties to ultra-modern new-builds, creating the wow factor, without detracting from the property itself. But how do you achieve the perfect gravel driveway without the drawbacks commonly associated with gravel – migration, disbursement, thinning and rutting?

When it comes to the perfect gravel driveway the secret to success is all about what you can’t see – crucially the presence of a gravel grid system, the quality of the gravel retention grids that you choose and the ground on which they are laid.

Beauxfort’s Gravelrings grid system

The Gravelrings gravel retention system creates a distinguished gravel driveway that gives that all-important crunch-factor, without stone migration, deep ruts or inconsistent coverage. Created by Beauxfort, a specialist in distinctive landscape systems to enhance prestigious properties, Gravelrings gravel mats are designed to be laid onto a sub-base and overfilled with gravel, preventing the shifting and sinking of the aggregate, which is what causes the rutting and pitting associated with gravel.

The system’s interlocking tiles feature circular cells that have an integral mesh base, preventing gravel migration and silt build-up. Providing hidden but effective support, Gravelrings are intended to be overfilled to prevent the grid showing through the gravel, a problem common with alternative systems, and are flexible allowing gravel to follow the contours of your driveway.

Solving gravel driveway problems

With previous experience of other gravel grid systems, builder and property developer Michael Alderton had no doubt about specifying Gravelrings when designing his new home and exterior in the historic West Sussex village of Hurstpierpoint.

As the director of a local construction firm, well known for the design, build and landscaping of exclusive properties across the South East of England, Alderton employed his firm’s expertise to design and build his own home – a detached property on a large footprint of land opposite a conservation area.

Alderton specified Gravelrings for his own driveway having had experience of this quality gravel grid system while laying gravel driveways for clients and because its integral mesh base, which he feels is superior to other, particularly cheaper, systems, where the gravel can get underneath the grid and lift it up.

Gravelrings was used on the large sloped area of the driveway, and after nearly nine months of continual use, the gravel has remained in place, unlike the flat section of the drive, which was laid without Gravelrings, where it has to be swept back into place regularly.

“We are so pleased with Gravelrings,” says Alderton. “The system is quick to install and easy to cut on site. It has provided a firm base for 20t lorries to drive over without sinking or moving the 10mm gravel it retains.

“We will definitely be using Gravelrings again for a permeable driveway and would most definitely use it in further developments for our clients in the future.”

All the benefits none of the hassles

Installing the Gravelrings gravel retention system provides all the benefits of a gravel driveway while tackling the problems commonly associated with this surface finish.

Achieve the perfect gravel driveway with the Beauxfort Gravelrings system. Check out for more information about the Beauxfort landscape systems and design inspiration, and to download the Beauxfort Distinctive Landscape Systems brochure and request a free sample. Or contact 0330 055 2599 or info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) to discuss your project.