Create, Deliver & Maintain: The External Envelope Vision

Introducing our debut book tackling the industry’s toughest challenges. Get your copy here.

Covering a wide range of topics from creating neighbourhoods through thoughtful design to practical guidance on fire safety, the book acts as an essential guide for construction professionals. With a balanced view, this book will guide decision making, design and specifying.

Hear from the experts

David Jones – Head of Compliance & Competence at the Institute of Construction Management

This book brings together a unique body of around 90 expert authors at what can only be regarded as one of the most critical stages in the recent timeline of the industry ─ marking a paradigm shift into new ways of working and procuring construction in a fast-evolving digitally connected world.

Geoff Wilkinson – Managing Director, Wilkinson Construction Consultants

It’s great to see experts coming together with Resibuild to help establish best practice and to create the change of culture that’s so badly needed in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Creating the Vision

Chapter 1 focuses on aspects to consider when creating initial plans for a building, including infrastructure, neighbourhood, and environmental concerns.

Featuring contributions from heralded architects like Scott Brownrigg and Sheppard Robson, this chapter serves as inspiration to those interested in building design.

Delivering the Vision

Chapter 2 concentrates on how to ensure the successful delivery of a project. This section details key considerations around product selection, ensuring compliance, safety, fire risk and quality control.

Additionally, the section discusses issues that developers and architects may not be aware of at the design stage, which can later impact work on-site.

Maintaining the Vision

For chapter 3 we turn our focus to the maintenance of buildings post-occupancy and considers the legacy they often leave for property management teams.

This section also focuses on the role of the resident within developments, detailing their potential to change a building long term through their activities.

Contributing organisations include…

The philosophy of this book is that all elements of a build, from the vision through to maintenance, must be balanced in harmony to create truly successful builds.

Each of the three chapters informs the others. While design elements impact the build and maintenance, these stages should also impact the design. By considering all aspects of a building’s lifecycle we can ensure safer homes for the future.