Comprehensive system solution

A modern building now has to excel in performance — reducing its environmental impact, being more energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing and meeting the requirements of the ever-more critical end user.

Insulation is at the centre of sustainable energy and is extremely important to incorporate into any renovation project. Bathrooms are one of the most complex rooms in buildings and even tiny errors in planning and execution can cause unwanted problems that potentially affect the building’s structure as well as the life quality of its inhabitants.

wedi system solutions provide a comprehensive system for insulation in bathroom and wet room projects. wedi‘s directly tileable sub-construction elements are 100% waterproof to the core, decoupling, have the best thermal (0.036WmK) and vertical weight load (133 kg/m2) capabilities amongst common tile backers and require no additional waterproofing or heat insulation. Complementing its tilebacker portfolio, wedi also offers a range of membranes for sealing, decoupling and sound insulation providing a floor-to-ceiling system solution and unrivalled peace of mind.

The wedi Nonstep ProS is a high-quality 9mm thick sound insulation fleece that easily covers any unevenness in the floor, is tension reducing, moisture and rot-resistant, prevents mould growth and is recyclable. Construction heights, including a Fundo shower element with horizontal drainage and the Nonstep ProS acoustic solution, range from 74mm to 138mm to suit site requirements, providing 28dB sound reduction thus enhancing water impact sound measurements to as low as 13dB.

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