Clos-o-Mat produce new guide on Changing Places in the Healthcare industry

Hospitals are failing to provide proper facilities for thousands of out-patients and visitors, yet that could be transformed simply by installing appropriate toilets.

One in 284 people in the UK need a Changing Places toilet. Yet of the UK’s 2300 hospitals, only 8 have the ‘bigger and better’ accessible (disabled) facility. Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat marketing manager, elaborates:

“On average we visit the toilet 8 times a day. Out patients and visitors often need to go to the toilet when on hospital premises.  For many people, who need the help of a carer, a standard accessible toilet is inappropriate, lacking the space and equipment they need. As a result, they either have to be changed on the toilet floor- a degrading and germ-ridden experience, soil themselves, or go home before being seen. A Changing Places toilet meets their needs, and provides an appropriate, hygienic environment.”

To help estates and facilities managers easily understand the need, the requirement and the criteria, Clos-o-Mat, the UK’s leading disabled toileting solutions provider, has published a white paper: Provision of Changing Places Accessible Toilets in the Healthcare/Hospitals Industry.

Available for download from the company’s website, the white paper covers the rationale behind a Changing Places toilet, quantifies the need to provide such a facility in healthcare establishments, and covers legislative and ‘good practice’ guidelines. Thus the document covers, in one source, all data to make an informed decision on installation of a Changing Places toilet.

Unlike a conventional accessible (Document M type) toilet, a Changing Places toilet is a minimum 12m², and has additional equipment of a height adjustable, adult-sized changing bench, hoist and privacy screen.

Since the Changing Places concept was developed, over 500 have been installed across the UK, with Clos-o-Mat being the leading supplier. The company is unique in being able to offer, in-house, design advice, supply, install, commissioning and ongoing service/maintenance, backed up by in-house project management of a Changing Places toilet or hygiene room.