Choice is everything! Future proof your roofing specification to deliver better buildings and healthy homes

With the undoubted synergy between roofing underlay choice and ventilation, it’s crucial to specify from a manufacturer who can advise on the full solution and provide an abundance of choice. Glidevale Protect’s motto of ‘Build Tight, Ventilate Right’ provides reassurance that the roof can be fully protected while achieving the required airflow into the property.
Future-proof your roof

Roofing underlays
One of the broadest ranges available from a single manufacturer, covering all underlay categories.

Ventilation solutions
Our roofing ventilation products work alongside our roofing underlays, helping to reduce condensation risk within the roofspace.

Technical expertise
Complete technical support on our array of roofing underlay and ventilation options, to suit both existing projects and new specifications. Send your elevation drawings and roof build-ups using the button below for take offs and further guidance. info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)