Certification cements range as one of the most efficient options available

Samsung’s full HT Quiet heat pump range has now achieved 65°C high temperature rating on MCS making it one of the most efficient ranges available.

MCS is the industry-led quality assurance for government funded grant schemes, which exercises the standards and regulations of approved products and installation companies. It recently increased its threshold for heat pump listings from 2.4 SCOP to 2.8 SCOP, which was a significant uplift for heat pumps to achieve. This has meant that achieving a listing at 65°C is an ambitious benchmark for any heat pump manufacturer.

Samsung Climate Solutions has risen to the challenge.

Thanks to its excellent technical team and R&D facilities, the manufacturer’s full HT Quiet heat pump range (8kW, 12kW and 14kW) has achieved 65°C high temperature rating on MCS. (including EN 14511OD -10°C /WO 65°C in the SCOP calculations).

This has resulted in a range of highly energy-efficient heat pumps that can deliver total kW performance down to – 25°C ambient conditions. This is on top of the HTQ range high-temperature capabilities which include DHW set points of up to 63°C.

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Why choose Samsung’s Eco Heating Systems?

With the introduction of the biggest set of building regulations to hit the sector in over a decade, the housing industry is under more pressure than ever before to embrace sustainable solutions. Why choose Samsung Climate solutions? Find out below:


✓ 65°C high temperature rating on MCS
✓ 8.8% bigger heat transfer area
✓ 31% stronger compression, with Turbo Flash Injection™
✓ Long-lasting and reliable, with a typical lifespan over 20 years


✓ Samsung’s quietest heat pump yet – Quiet Mark certified
✓ 35bd(A) low noise
✓ Multi-serration fan


✓ Energy efficient solution can help compliance with updated building regulations and Net Zero targets
✓ Can use solar energy for heating and hot water
✓ Saves energy with AI energy mode

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