Cemsix provides solution for welsh dairy farm

A large-scale installation of Cemsix corrugated fibre cement sheets from Cembrit, has recently taken place at a dairy farm in Wales. The natural ventilation properties and robust construction of Cemsix were ideal for Longford Farm, where animal welfare and environmental considerations are also of utmost importance. Cemsix helps create the perfect year round conditions to ensure maximum production is maintained.

Father and son, Henry and Charlie Hart, run and live the farm situated in the rich and fertile vale of Llanddewi Velfrey, Pembrokeshire. Set amongst the scenic rolling hills of the valleys, the emphasis on the building was to be as weather efficient and robust as possible. As one of three farms the Hart family own, it was important that the project was completed with a guarantee of lasting results. The open sided structure maximises daylight and ventilation, which are essential requirements for a functional and pleasant environment for the animals.

“We particularly appreciate Cembrit’s fibre cement sheeting for roofing.” said Henry Hart, Farm Owner. “In addition to the well-known benefits such as the level of porosity and corrosion resistance of fibre cement slates, we can be sure that the sheets are guaranteed to provide great results for a long time, whilst meeting the specific needs of our farm.”

The building was constructed by John Morris construction and Prescilli Fabrications who worked with Cembrit to get the material on site in time to coincide with the building schedule. The building was specifically designed for all of the farm’s needs, particularly those related to the ventilation for the cow shed.

Ventilation is vital in large buildings like this one, as huge amounts of warm and moisture laden air needs to be extracted to provide a pleasant internal atmosphere for the livestock. Rather than installing any mechanical ventilation, the building features open sides and ridge ventilation, along with a bespoke designed roof sheet detail. Every 6th column of sheets is raised from eaves to ridge by fixing to a 50mm batten installed on the top of each purlin. This creates an air gap along both sides of the sheet significantly increasing the opening area through which humid air can escape.

Cembrit’s Cemsix was awarded an Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), for its environmental credentials. Incorporating the latest technological advances, Cemsix allows designers to clad agricultural or industrial buildings in a Class 0 fire rated, rust and rot-proof material that will last for decades. Manufactured using Portland cement, together with a formulation of superior blended synthetic and cellulose fibres and reinforced with strengthening strips and available with superior colouration systems, Cemsix is produced to the highest European standard.

Using skills built up over 80 years, Cembrit offers a wide range of cladding panels, corrugated sheet and natural and man-made roofing slate. Quality levels at group factories are rigorously maintained to high standards with many products manufactured under the control of ISO 9001 and British Board of Agrément. Cembrit UK is a member of Cembrit Holding A/S (formerly the Dansk Eternit Holding A/S) of Denmark, one of Europe’s major building material producers of fibre reinforced cement products for the roofing and cladding industry.